Sport and Rec

Adventure tourism is flourishing on the islands offering a great variety of water activities like canoeing, kayaking, sailing, fishing and snorkeling.
Kids love our place and we have all the fun water equipment on hire should you want to get wet and adventurous exploring our pristine water way.
From a 9 hole round of golf tofriendly Ambrose; competitive lawnbowls to barefoot bowling; dragonboat racing to a relaxing canoepaddle, our clubs are well equipped
to satisfy every sporting enthusast.Offering first class facilities, inair-conditioned clubhouses, greatcuisine, entertainment and genuineclub pricing, these venues are sure
to be a hub of activity.

• Boat & Sailing Clubs • Golf Club
• Dragon Boat Racing
• Lawn Bowling - Tennis • Chartered Sailing
• Kayaking Adventure Tours
• Fishing Charters

Club Macleay, Macleay Island (Courtesy Bus available) Ph: 3409 5364

Bay Islands Golf Club, Macleay Island (Courtesy Bus available), Ph: 3409 5299,

Russell Island Bowls Club, Russell Island, Ph: 3409 1330

Tingira Boat Club Bistro, Macleay Island (Friday Courtesy Bus available) Ph: 3409 4175,

Sandy Beach Sailing and Kayak Club, Russell Island,