These islands are a paradise for kids, and if the kids are happily occupied, then parents can relax and enjoy their stay too. Sure, you can bring the kids X-box or other electronics, but they won’t need it – take a look at just some of our suggestions:
Macleay Island Skatepark

Russell Island Sports fields – Tennis, Basketball and Football fields

Russell Island Public Swimming Pool

BBQ’s and playgrounds are scattered throughout the islands – BBQ areas include, Jock Kennedy Park on Russell Island, Dalpura Beach and Pat’s Park on Macleay Island and Main Beach on Karragarra Island.
Swimming enclosures at Main Beach, Karragarra Island and Pat’s Park, Macleay Island
A variety of secluded and not-so secluded swimming beaches are scattered throughout all the islands – see if you can find our best kept (or not) secret swimming spots.
A 9 hole round of golf at Bay Islands Golf Club, Macleay Island (Courtesy Bus available)
During school holidays a daily vacation program is offered to school aged children at Curlew Cove Youth Centre by the team at Bay Island Early Learning (Courtesy Bus available), includes local and mainland based excursions – check out the Events Calendar for the current vacation program.

Also on offer on Weekends:
Barefoot Bowls at Club Macleay, Macleay Island (Courtesy Bus available)

Sailing, Canoeing and Kayaking at Sandy Beach Sailing and Kayaking Club, Russell Island and Tingira Boat Club, Macleay Island, were you may also join the Dragon Boat Teams each Sunday.

Visit the Organic Farm on Macleay Island  and meet the menagerie of farm animals (big and small) and enjoy the friendly ambience while you savour the flavourful and nutritious produce. Locals and visitors alike congregate at the Organic Market every Saturday (Courtesy Bus available).
‘Movies in the skate park’ and ‘Movies in a Cow Paddock Near You’ operate regular scheduled Movies under the Stars nights – check out the Events Calendar for the next screening.

Circumnavigate one or all of the islands – on foot, on a bike/scooter/skateboard, in a canoe/kayak/boat/paddleboard.
Rock hop at headlands such as Pott’s or Thompson’s Point and exploring the treasures found underneath the beach rocks
Do the Pippie twist on the beach at Pat’s Park
Follow armies of soldier crabs and explore the contents of water pools left when the high tide recedes.
Investigate the scurrying crustaceans hiding in the amazing root systems of Beach Pandanus and Mangrove clumps
Climb the huge Beach Hibiscus, these trees are big enough to hide the whole family

Beach or Jetty Fishing: Enjoy the simple pleasures of catching tonights dinner – seasonal fishing catches include Whiting, Bream, Flathead, Moses Perch, Squire/Snapper, Sole, Squid and many more varieties
Boat Fishing increases the varieties available to you due to small reefs and deeper waters, not to mention the mobility to set out the crab pot for a dinner of fresh Sand and/or Mud Crab
Try your hand at and master the art of cast netting – during Prawn season the food literally throws itself out of the water and hurls itself towards you
Pump for your own Yabbies on the low tide
Many a bedraggled youngster has returned home after hours of fun filled mud sliding island style  - they sleep really well at night too!
Watch the pods of Dolphins, or bales of Turtles as they graze the seagrass beds situated only a short distance off shore, you may even spot the elusive but majestic Dugong that plows these sheltered waters.

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