Question 1. How can I travell to the Islands?

Bay Islands Transit (BIT) operates a fast, comfortable  passenger ferry service to the SMBI Islands – 7 days per week – 365 per year. The round trip (fare each way)  Redland Bay to  Redland Bay takes approximately 50 minutes. Travel between islands is FREE; you can island hop as frequently as you wish.The service commences at Russell Island at 4.20/5.30  am and runs through to 10/11/12  pm -  depending on the day of the week. Public holidays (except Christmas Day) are  a Sunday timetable, unless otherwise published. It is a frequent service, with ferries departing generally very half an hour. All ferry services go to all islands.  The BIT   friendly staff are happy to help you plan your trip to the SMBI.
Since commencing operation 50 years ago with the first vehicle ferry, MV Myora, Stradbroke Ferries has grown to become the largest marine operator in Moreton Bay, with seven vehicle ferries and one water taxi.
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